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Established in 1988, Neon Gods has been having a gas in the most noble way. No worries. No need to react. Noble gases are so chill. And what do you think of our little guy? Once high and mighty at the top of the page up there with flashy images of our projects. Now, here he is, lowly and broken at the bottom. Oh, nobody knows you when you're down and out Lil' Guy. You once ruled the world but now you've been replaced by a droid. It is just so not fair. That's capitalism for you. We're all just little cogs. We're all just little cogs. We're all just little cogs. Once your teeth start getting worn, that's it-- you're outta there. Hey. What you got in that box? Lorem ipsem what? Yes, just silly random text generated by misfiring neurons. Olfactory signs of snap, crackle and pop-- or as King Neon once exclaimed, "I smell neeeon...."

Neon Guy for Dark BG